How to Make a Floating Toy Boat

    by Chelsea Fitzgerald

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    Making a floating toy boat is an interesting way to recycle products in your home and to create a toy that will delight any small child. Kids love to play with toy boats in bathtubs, mud puddles and any small body of water. The entire family can join in the fun and design fleets of boats to race and perform in friendly competitions. You can even let your dolls or action figures float in the boat and act as a ship captain and crew.

    Things You'll Need

    • Two empty plastic soda or water bottles with lids
    • Permanent markers (optional)
    • Large rubber bands
    • Colored plastic tape or any tape
    • Craft knife

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    Remove the plastic labels from the soda or water bottles. Wash the bottles to ensure that they are clean. Make sure that the lids are tightly screwed on to each bottle.

    Decorate the boat. Use permanent markers to color designs on the boat and give your water craft a name.

    Wrap the rubber bands around the two bottles. This is to hold them together temporarily while you wrap them with tape.

    Wind colored plastic tape around the two bottles so that they form a boat. You should do this at each end. If you don’t have colored plastic tape, almost any tape will work except for masking or painters tape.

    Cut into the top of the plastic bottles by using a craft knife. Create oval openings so that an action figure, doll or other waterproof creature can sit with their legs inside the boat like in a kayak.

    Place the action figures into the oval seat openings so that they are sitting with their legs extended. Now your boat is ready to float across the water.

    • You can skip cutting out a hole in the plastic bottles and instead glue a sturdy piece of cardboard, plastic or lightweight wood to the top of the boat. It should be approximately 4- by 4- inches. You can add small figures to the raft-like structure to serve as a crew on your boat.
    • Always use caution when children play near water.

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