How to Make a Flip Book

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    Everyone has seen or looked at a flip book. When you flip the pages, it looks as if the characters are in motion. They have thrilled children and adults alike for years. With some basic supplies, you can make your own.

    Things You'll Need

    • Paper
    • Tape
    • Pencils and pens

    Decide on the number of pages you want to make your flipbook. This can be any number of pages you feel that you can draw or decorate. You may want to start with a short ten-page flip book.

    Ensure all your pages are the same size. Secure the pages together with tape at the top.

    Draw your pages. To make it look as if it is moving, you change the image only slightly on each page. This may take a bit of practice.

    Test out your flip book. Flip through the pages and see if it looks like you would like. If you have drawn with pencil, you can go back and make small changes.

    Decorate your pages. Once you have drawn your image, you may want to put in backgrounds or other items. Remember to vary them only slightly from page to page.

    • Flip books can also be made with from video images. Use a computer to capture stills from a video, print and use them to make your flip book.
    • You can make and decorate your cover.
    • Start with something easy. A simple face going from smiling to frowning will give you the feel for how the changes need to be made.