How to Make a Fleece Tied Blanket

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    Fleece blankets are a wonderful and welcome gift to make for babies, children and adults, alike. The variety of fleece material available allows you to customize blankets to anyone's taste or interests. Best of all, no sewing skills are necessary. You can make a blanket out of two panels of fleece by cutting and tying the edges together for a fringe or "tied" blanket.

    Things You'll Need

    • 2 panels of fleece
    • Fabric scissors
    • Cardboard square
    • Ruler or tape measure

    Choose two pieces of fleece. You can choose two pieces that are the same pattern, two different patterns, two plain colors or a pattern on one side and a plain color on the other.

    Measure off lengths of each panel appropriate for the person you are making the blanket for. Recommended measurements are as follows: 1 to 1 1/2 yards of each fabric for a baby or toddler blanket; 1 1/2 to 2 yards of each fabric for a child's blanket; 2 yards or more of each fabric for a teenager or adult blanket.

    Align one piece of fleece atop the other on a flat surface. Trim off any selvage so both pieces of fabric match. Try to cut in a relatively straight line, but it doesn't need to be perfect.

    Measure and cut out a 4-inch or 3-inch square of cardboard or heavy paper. This will be the length of the blanket fringe prior to tying. If you would like longer or shorter fringe, use a larger or smaller cardboard square.

    Line up your cardboard square with a corner of your fabric. Using the square as a template, cut through both pieces of fleece around the square. Repeat with all four corners.

    Lay your ruler or tape measure along the edge of the fleece and mark 1-inch intervals. Use fabric chalk to mark, or cut a little ways through both pieces of fabric at each 1-inch interval. You may also simply eyeball the intervals if you have an experienced eye. Cut the fringe at your 1-inch intervals along all four sides of the blanket. The depth of the fringe should match the depth of the corners.

    Make the blanket fringe by taking aligned pieces of fringe from each piece of fabric. Tie square knots or double overhand knots. Complete one side of your blanket, and then each of the remaining three sides.

    • Using square knots or double overhand knots prevents the blanket from coming apart in the wash.
    • If you will have to move your blanket before it is complete, or if you are afraid the fabric will become misaligned, you may wish to hold the fleece pieces together with a few straight pins placed a few inches in from the edges once you have the edges aligned.
    • If using a patterned fabric, be sure the correct side of the fleece is facing outwards prior to tying your fringe. The outside is typically fuzzier and more colorful.