How to Make a Fairy Jar

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    How to Make a Fairy Jar. True to its name, a fairy jar contains an altered art fairy. It can be filled with embellishments, recycled items and inspiring words that can brighten up your home or garden. Your fairy jar can be as elaborate as you wish.

    Things You'll Need

    • Jar
    • Embellishments, such as beads or marbles
    • Photograph
    • Paper
    • Card stock
    • Tweezers or tongs
    • Glue or decoupage medium
    • Ribbons
    • Flowers
    • Tag

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    Search for fairy jars on the web to see what others look like. Look through old books to find words that capture the theme of your fairy jar. Cut the words out and mount them to card stock with craft glue. Think about what you'd like your jar to look like and what colors you want to use before purchasing your craft items.

    Fill the bottom of the jar with beads, Easter grass, marbles, moss, raffia. Choose filler material that matches your theme and colors.

    Cut an image from a photograph. Altered artists usually use Victorian photos of little girls, but you could use a personal photo or a more modern image from a book or magazine. Find old photographs at yard sales, secondhand stores and eBay. You could also cut your fairy from a collage sheet.

    Create wings for your fairy. Trace a template onto paper and cut it out. The paper color should match the color theme of your fairy jar. Embellish the wings with glitter or ink. Or, use nylon wings or wings from a collage sheet. Attach the wings to the fairy.

    Attach the winged fairy to heavy card stock. Cut the image out. Create a stand at the bottom that will support the fairy and allow her to stand up. Lower the fairy into the jar with tweezers or tongs.

    Decorate the inside and outside of the jar with ribbons, beads, tags, flowers and wire. Attach the words that you cut out to the outside of the jar.

    Paint the cap of the jar. Allow it to dry, and then decorate it with ribbons and flowers. Put the lid on the jar.