How to Make an Everlasting Candle

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    Some candles add aroma and ambiance to a room, but other candles are more purposeful than pretty. Learn to make an everlasting candle, which will last considerably longer than a normal candle, so that you will never be in the dark during a survival situation. The flame is somewhat smaller than with traditional candles, but it can endure for up to 45 days. Everlasting candles can be made with Crisco or with paraffin.

    Things You'll Need

    • Can of Crisco
    • Bamboo skewer
    • Wax-coated cotton wick (these can be purchased at a craft store)
    • Matches or a lighter
    • Plain corrugated cardboard (nothing with wax or plastic coating)
    • Empty 6-ounce cans with their lids (such as tuna cans or pet food cans)
    • Candle wax or paraffin
    • Double boiler (two nested saucepans can work)
    • Column candle
    • Tea light
    • Popsicle stick

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    Crisco Everlasting Candle

    Open a can of Crisco. The bigger the can, the better.

    Insert the bamboo skewer -- pointed side up -- into the center of the can of Crisco, pushing it all the way down to the bottom. Remove the skewer carefully. You should have a small hole running through the Crisco.

    Slide the wick into the hole. Leave a 1/4 inch of wick showing above the Crisco to make sure the flame is a manageable size. If the can has a large diameter, multiple wicks can be inserted. Even out the top of the Crisco so the candle is smooth.

    Light the wick and enjoy the candle.

    Buddy Burner Everlasting Candle

    Cut the cardboard, across the corrugations, into several strips that are the same height as the pet food or tuna can. Roll the strips together until the same diameter as the can. Carefully insert cardboard roll into can. The can will be filled with the cardboard roll.

    Melt the paraffin wax in the double boiler. Each candle will use around four ounces of wax.

    Pour the melted wax over the corrugated cardboard roll inside of the tin. The wax will flow down the corrugation holes. Fill the can to the top.

    Light the candle by placing a lit match in the middle of the candle. The flame will light the entire top of the candle. Place the Buddy Burner in a safe spot away from paper and other combustibles.

    Replenish the wax in the candle by putting small amounts of solid wax on the candle while it is burning. The chunks of wax will melt and fill in evaporated areas. As long as the wax is replaced, the candle will last indefinitely.

    Tea Light Everlasting Candle

    Light the column candle. Monitor the candle as it burns.

    Pour melted wax off candle, into a pan of cool water. This solidifies the wax so it can be reused or safely disposed of.

    Keep emptying the melted wax until top of candle has a depression large enough for the tea light to fit. It may be necessary to use the wooden Popsicle stick to enlarge and smooth out the opening. Let cool.

    Insert tea light with holder into opening. Burn tea light candle as desired and replace new candle into holder as necessary.

    • On the Buddy Burner, use the can lid to cover the can to extinguish the flame. Place the lid partially over the lit candle to regulate the flame.
    • Never leave a burning candle unattended.
    • Do not allow the melting wax to get too hot, it has the possibility to burst into flames.