How to Make Envelopes

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    Don't stop after making those beautiful holiday cards - make your own envelopes to match. The following pattern fits a 5-by-7-inch card and is a simple project to customize your mail for holidays, birthdays, or any day of the year. This is a great project for children to help out with as well.

    Things You'll Need

    • Old Calendar Pictures (optional)
    • Glue Sticks
    • Wallpaper Samples (optional)
    • Scissors
    • Pencils
    • Bonded Paper
    • Decorative Paper
    • Printer Paper
    • Rulers

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    Use an 8 1/2-by-11-inch piece of paper such as good-quality printer paper, craft paper, wallpaper samples or even old calendar pictures.

    Fold a 1/2-inch seam on each long side of the paper.

    Measure 4 inches from the bottom of the paper and mark lightly with a pencil.

    Fold the paper on the 4-inch-mark line. This will make the bottom flap for the card to slip into.

    Use a glue stick to glue the bottom flap to the folded sides.

    Fold the top of the paper over 2 inches to form the top flap of the envelope. Slightly taper the sides of this flap to give it an elegant look.

    Use envelope glue or tape to seal your envelope once the card or mail is inside.

    • If using wallpaper or some fancy papers, you may have to glue your postage stamp to the envelope, depending on the type of paper used.
    • To make different-size envelopes, a good rule is: Double the width of the card plus 1 inch and add 1 inch to the length of the card.
    • For odd-size cards, fold the paper around your card.
    • Take apart a regular envelope and use it as a pattern.
    • The United States Postal Service says to make sure the envelope is glued securely and the addresses are readable.