How to Make an Embroidery French Knot

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    A French knot is a traditional stitch in embroidery crafting. These dot-like stitches add not only color, but a raised texture to accent an embroidery design. Embroiders often use them for flower centers and for accents to other designs, as well as filling in sections with groups of closely placed knots.

    Things You'll Need

    • Woven fabric or project piece
    • Embroidery hoop
    • Embroidery floss
    • Embroidery needle

    Lay the fabric to be embroidered over the inside, smaller piece of the hoop. Push the top hoop over both, pulling the fabric taut, without stretching it, and then tightening the hoop screw. Some hoops are not adjustable, so you will not need to tighten them.

    Separate 18-inch lengths of floss into strands, according to the pattern requirements. Thread the needle.

    Bring your needle up from the bottom, pulling the floss through to leave a 1-inch tail underneath.

    Wrap the thread around the needle once or twice. Hold the needle and thread firmly, but not too tightly.

    Insert the needle back into the fabric in the same spot you brought it up. Pull the thread through the fabric, leaving a tiny knot on the surface.

    • Don't pull the thread too hard when going back through, or the knot may pull to the back, leaving a hole in the fabric.