How to Make an Elf Costume

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    How to Make an Elf Costume. At Christmas time the world is hustling and bustling to get everything ready for the big day. Often parents are surprised when they find out their child needs an elf costume for a play. Sometimes adults need an elf costume for a party. Making an elf costume is easy and doesn't need to dampen the Christmas cheer.

    Things You'll Need

    • Over-sized shirt
    • Turtleneck
    • Felt
    • Bells
    • Bric-a-brac and ribbon
    • Pom-poms
    • Tights
    • Snaps or Velcro (optional)

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    Buy a pair of bright green or red tights. If colored tights are not available, dye white tights green or red using fabric dye.

    Purchase an oversized green or red t-shirt or pullover. Also buy a regular-sized long-sleeved red, green or striped turtleneck. The turtleneck needs to be red if the oversized shirt is green and vice versa. Find the shirts at thrift stores or department stores.

    Gather ribbon and bric-a-brac to match the shirts. These need to be gold or a combination of red, green and gold.

    Cut the oversized shirt up the front to make a vest. Cut around the sleeves in a zigzag.

    Hem the cut edges of the shirt.

    Attach the bric-a-brac or ribbon to the front of the vest and around the sleeves with a sewing machine or fabric glue. Create a Christmas design or outline the edge of the costume.

    Tie a wide piece of ribbon around the waist for the belt.

    Buy or make an elf hat. Make one by cutting a piece of felt into equilateral triangles. Measure and cut 6 pieces of felt 8-inches tall and 4-inches wide at the bottom. Sew these together to make a cone. Sew a bell or pom-pom at the top of the elf hat.

    Trace the sole of each foot on a piece of paper. Lay the elf's shoe on it's side and trace it's shape. Elongate the traced shoe's toe into a point. Use the pattern to cut the fabric for the shoe. Cut two sides and one sole for each elf shoe. If the shoes is for inside use, felt is a good fabric for the sole. If the elf is going to wear the shoes outside, create the shoe without a sole so it can fit over a shoe. Add 1/4 inch around the measurement to leave room for a seam.

    Cut the material to fit the pattern.

    Sew the sides together. Attach snaps or Velcro to the back to hold the shoe together. Leave enough room to slide a shoe inside.

    Attach the sole of the shoe to the sides of the shoe.

    Fill the point of the toe with paper to make it stiff.

    Add a bell a the tip of the toe.

    • This costume can also be made in browns and greens for a wood elf. Accessories can be added to make a Robin Hood costume.