How to Make Easy Crochet Slippers

    by Anne Baley

    About the Author

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    Beginning crocheters are usually consigned to making scarves and dishcloths. While slippers may seem to advanced for a beginner project, simple slippers can be made by anyone who has mastered double crochet, and can generally be finished in an afternoon. They can be custom made to fit any size foot -- from babies to large men -- and are warm and attractive for anyone.

    Things You'll Need

    • Measuring tape
    • Worsted-weight yarn
    • Size G crochet hook
    • Yarn needle

    Measure the foot of the slipper recipient, from heel to toe. This is the length of your base chain.

    Chain with your G hook until you have the length of the foot. Chain two more to act as a turning chain. Turn you work, skip two chains and double crochet every chain until the end of the row. Chain three and turn.

    Skip the first stitch in the row and double crochet every stitch after that until the end of the row. Chain three and turn. Keep crocheting rows in this manner until the piece wraps completely around the foot, starting at the top of the foot, going around the side and back up, meeting in the middle of the top of the foot. This is your personal measurement for your slipper width. Fasten off the work, leaving a 10-inch tail of yarn.

    Gather the entire side together into a circle with the tail of the yarn, creating the front toe part of the slipper. This results in a folded piece of crocheting with a gathered side end. Thread the yarn needle with yarn and sew the top edge together from the gather to about halfway to the back. This forms the top of the slipper from the toe to the instep. Sew the back seam of the slipper, opposite the toe gather, to create the heel part of the slipper.

    Add a cuff, if you'd like even warmer slippers. Connect the yarn at the point where the heel was sewn. Crochet around one side and down another of the foot opening, until you meet at the starting point. Slip stitch together, and chain three. Continue on to one or two more rows, slip stitching each row together, until the cuff is as tall as you desire.

    • Add a pompom or tassel, if you like.
    • Use lightweight baby yarn for baby booties. Ensure any embellishment is firmly attached to slippers for young children to avoid a choking hazard.