How to Make Earrings From Buttons

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    Buttons are available in all sorts of designs that can complement or transform clothes and accessories, from standard round buttons to fancy engraved wood and whimsical animal shapes, there's a button to match every style. Instead of limiting buttons to shirts and other garments, spice up your outfit by turning them into earrings. Upcycle old buttons, make a lasting treasure out of your grandma's favorite vintage buttons or purchase buttons that match a specific outfit.

    Things You'll Need

    • Buttons
    • Permanent crafting adhesive
    • Nail or jewelry file
    • Craft scissors
    • Earring backs, pierced or clip-on
    • Aluminum foil

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    Cut the thread holder off the back of the button using sharp craft scissors or heavy-duty nail clippers. If you are using a button with thread holes, move on to Step 3.

    File the rough spot left behind by the thread holder on the back of the button with a nail or jewelry file.

    Roll a piece of aluminum foil into a small loose ball, slightly bigger than the button.

    Determine where you want to place the earring back on the button. Hold the button up to your ear to determine the most pleasing placement. This is especially important when you're using large buttons to make earrings. When using buttons with thread holes, be sure that the backing is small enough to fit in the solid area of the button and won't show through the buttonholes.

    Place the button on to the tin foil ball. Push it in just a bit so that the tin foil acts as a place to hold the button while the glue dries, but not so far that the foil envelops the button.

    Put a few drops of the glue onto the back of the button, then place the earring back into the glue. Hold it for a few seconds while the glue starts to set up, then release it and let the glue finish drying.

    • While you can use flat buttons -- the kind with the holes in them for thread -- the best earrings are made from buttons that have that piece sticking out of the back that's designed to hold the thread.
    • Several buttons can be stacked so that the largest button is on the bottom, with smaller buttons glued on to the top.
    • Don't use too much glue, just enough to hold the button in place, or it will ooze out the edges of the earring back and look unsightly.