How to Make Duct-Tape Clothing

    by Hillary Marshall

    About the Author

    Hillary Marshall has been writing professionally since 2006. Before writing instructional articles online, she worked as a copywriter and has been published in "Ideal Living" "Sass" "Science Edge" and "Shopping Cents" magazines along with countless websites including Gadling a blog by the Huffington post. Marshall studied early childhood education at the Stratford Career Institute.


    Duct tape is a reinforced plastic tape designed to be pressure-sensitive, strong and flexible. Originally created during World War II for military purposes, duct tape is now used for a plethora of tasks. Making clothing is one of the more unusual uses for duct tape. Clothing made from duct tape is both durable and unique. Best of all, duct-tape fashion is limited only by the imagination of the designer, as duct tape is a versatile textile that comes in a variety of colors.

    Things You'll Need

    • Scissors
    • Stitch ripper
    • Utility knife

    Cut identical lengths of duct tape using scissors. Lay one strip on your work surface with the sticky side facing up. Then, place the other identical strip on top of that, joining the two sticky sides. You now have a strip with two smooth sides. Make several strips to start, then make more as you need them.

    Piece together the strips using duct tape of the same color--on one side of the material only, which will be the inside--to hold them together.

    Trace smaller items, such as ties, with a pen on your duct tape material. To make larger items, such as skirts and shirts, find an old garment you are no longer using and deconstruct it with a stitch ripper. Trace the individual pieces of the garment on the duct tape material to make the pieces for the duct tape version of the garment.

    Cut the traced pieces out with a utility knife.

    Piece together the pieces using duct tape of the same color on the inside of the duct-tape clothing item.

    Trim edges with the scissors to finish the garment.