How to Make a Door Draft Stopper

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    When the temperature drops and the cold winds of winter blow, a door draft stopper is a great way to keep those winds outside. A simple sewing project will keep your house warmer, making draft stoppers will also help keep those ever-rising electric bills under control. With a simple pattern, you can easily adjust the measurements to fit any door or to snug up on your window sills, as well.

    Things You'll Need

    • Woven fabric
    • Needle and thread
    • Scissors
    • Sewing machine
    • Yard stick
    • Kitty litter sand, dry corn, beans, or aquarium gravel
    • Large funnel

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    Cut a rectangle of fabric 8 inches wide and 5 inches longer than your door's width. For a standard 36-inch door, you need an 8-inch by 41-inch rectangle.

    Fold the fabric, wrong sides and long edges together and sew one end and the long edges to form a 4-inch tube. Trim the seam allowances to 1/4 inch.

    Turn the tube right side out. Use a yardstick to help turn the corners.

    Insert the funnel into the open end and pour the filler into the tube, leaving about 1 inch unfilled.

    Fold the seam allowances in and slip-stitch the seam closed firmly. Place the draft stopper against the bottom of the door when it is closed.

    • Use your imagination to create a whimsical draft door stopper. Add ears and a face to create a cat or dog. With a piece of red ribbon for a tongue and two beads for eyes, you can create a snake.
    • An old pair of jeans can make a very durable draft door stopper. Cut the leg off as high as possible, stuff with filler and sew the ends closed.
    • Add potpourri or essential oils to scent the air as you stop the drafts.