How to Make a Donkey Ears Headband Out of Paper

    by Kabrina McLaughlin

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    A paper-based arts and crafts project is an engaging and creative activity for the home or classroom that is suitable for children of all ages and a paper donkey ear headband is one such craft that encourages creativity. It is even more stimulating for a child to create a product that is not only fun to make but can be used after completion and these donkey ears can also be used as a costume for Halloween or another event or holiday.

    Things You'll Need

    • Donkey ear template
    • Brown construction paper (at least 22 inches long)
    • Child-safe scissors
    • Non-toxic glue
    • Clear tape
    • Measuring tape
    • Ruler
    • Pencil
    • Pink paper (optional)

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    Making Donkey Ears

    Draw out a pair of donkey ears on a piece of brown construction paper. You can make the ears as large or as small as you like. Cut out the ears.

    Trace around the pair of ears and cut out a second set from more brown construction paper. The second pair of ears will make the headpiece more sturdy. Use non-toxic craft glue to glue each set of ears together.

    Cut out smaller ear-shaped pieces from the pink paper. Affix the small pink ear shapes to the brown donkey ears with the glue to create the inner portion of the donkey ear for a more realistic look.

    Making the Headband

    Measure the circumference of your child's head. Make note of the measurement.

    Use a ruler and pencil to mark the length of the head measurement, plus 1-inch for overlap, on a piece of the brown paper and cut out a 2-inch strip of paper according to this length.

    Test the headband paper strip size by wrapping it around the child's head to ensure a proper fit.

    Finishing the Project

    Lay the completed ears on the headband paper strip and eyeball the appropriate distance of the ears based on the desired look of the headband. Mark the spot for each ear on the headband strip with pencil.

    Affix the completed donkey ears to the headband paper strip with non-toxic glue.

    Wrap the completed headband around the child's head with the front of the ears facing out.

    Ensure the headband is wrapped tightly enough so as not to slip off the child's head. Tape the two ends of the headband together.

    • Your youngster can help by drawing and decorating the donkey ears.
    • Supervise children when using scissors and allow the glue to dry completely before allowing a child to wear the headband.


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