How to Make Doll Shoes

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    Doll shoes are the first things to get lost - but they're easier to replace than you might think (for flat-footed dolls, that is). The trick is thinking in multiple dimensions at once - two for the sole, which is flat, and three for the upper, which is not.

    Things You'll Need

    • Thin Cardboard
    • Fabric Glue
    • Felt
    • Scissors
    • Notebook Papers And Pencil

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    Stand your doll on a piece of thin cardboard and draw around her feet. This is your basic pattern.

    Cut this pattern out and use it to cut two pieces of felt for each foot. This is the sole of the doll shoes.

    Cut out your shoes - straps for sandals, half-moons for scuff slippers, half-moons (with straps that go around the heel) for Mary Jane's, half-moons with pink ribbons for ballet slippers, and of course leather thongs for Roman sandals. Make sure to cut the half-moons about 1/8 inch bigger than the soles on all sides so that there will be room for the doll's feet.

    Make the sole by sandwiching the cardboard between the felt pieces with plenty of glue. If you're making strap sandals, insert strap ends into the sandwich and glue all at once.

    Glue half-moon shape to the front edges of the sole sandwich, easing to create enough fullness for the doll's foot.

    Decorate with beads, glitter or bows if desired.