How to Make a Diaper Cupcake

    by Ronnie Dauber

    About the Author

    Ronnie Dauber is a Canadian author with six books published to date, and has been a professional writer online since 2007. She holds three college diplomas in children's and adult literature and one college diploma in business administration and common law.


    A diaper cupcake is a small, decorative gift made from a rolled up diaper. You can make a whole batch of diaper cupcakes as a useful gift for a new mother or use the cupcakes as adorable keepsake shower favors for the guests. Coordinate the diaper cupcakes with the color scheme of the baby shower by using colored cupcake paper cups and tying brightly colored ribbons around each cupcake and gather them together to make a diaper cupcake centerpiece.

    Things You'll Need

    • Newborn or size 1 diaper
    • Rubber band
    • 1/2-inch wide ribbon
    • Paper cupcake cups

    Lay one newborn or size 1 diaper on your work surface with the picture side facing upward.

    Roll up the diaper like a jellyroll. Roll the diaper on an angle so that the center protrudes slightly from the top of the jellyroll.

    Wrap a rubber band around the roll, about one-third of the way up from the bottom.

    Cut a 12-inch-long piece of ribbon.

    Wrap the ribbon around the jellyroll and tie the ribbon in a bow. Wrap the ribbon over the rubber band to hide it.

    Place the diaper cupcake into a metallic or colored paper cupcake cup.

    • When making the diaper cupcakes as a gift for a new mother, layer the bottom of a box with tulle and place 6 to 12 diaper cupcakes in the box. Wrap a large ribbon around the box and tie it in a bow.
    • When making the diaper cupcakes as a baby shower favor, arrange the individual diaper cupcakes on a multi-tier cupcake tray to double as a shower decoration.


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