How to Make Decoupage From Elmer's Glue

    by Kathryn Hatter

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    Kathryn Hatter is a veteran home-school educator, as well as an accomplished gardener, quilter, crocheter, cook, decorator and digital graphics creator. As a regular contributor to Natural News, many of Hatter's Internet publications focus on natural health and parenting. Hatter has also had publication on home improvement websites such as Redbeacon.


    Decoupage enthusiasts often look at greeting cards and wrapping paper with an eye for reusing them in decoupage projects. When you decoupage, you apply paper items to flat surfaces and brush a thin layer of decoupage glue over the surface to seal them. Using this inexpensive craft process, you can transform items from old and boring to new and beautiful. Make decoupage from Elmer’s Glue for a simple decoupage medium that works effectively.

    Things You'll Need

    • Elmer’s Glue-All
    • Small bowl
    • Spoon
    • Decoupage surface
    • Fine sandpaper
    • Clean cloth
    • Decoupage item (greeting card or wrapping paper)
    • Flat paintbrush (1-inch wide)

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    Pour ¾-cup Elmer’s Glue-All into the small bowl. Add ¼-cup cool water to the bowl.

    Stir the two ingredients well with a spoon until you have a runny glue product.

    Prepare a wood decoupage surface by sanding it lightly with sandpaper. Wipe the sawdust away with a damp cloth. Wipe all other surfaces to remove any dust or dirt.

    Dip the paintbrush into the decoupage medium -- your new glue -- and coat the surface you will decoupage with a thin layer of the medium.

    Dip the paintbrush into the decoupage medium again and brush the backside of the item you will decoupage onto the surface lightly with the medium.

    Apply the decoupage item onto the surface carefully. Press the paper item onto the surface starting in the center. Work your way out to the edges with your fingers to remove air bubbles.

    Wait one to two minutes and remove any additional air bubbles that appear by pressing the bubbles out from the center.

    Apply a coat of the decoupage medium over the entire surface to seal the surface. Allow the medium to dry completely before you use the item.