How to Make Decorative Pillows

    by Contributing Writer

    Adding an extra punch of color or texture to your home decor can be as easy as scattering a few pillows around the room. Make your own to tailor them to your personal style and color preferences.

    Things You'll Need

    • Colorful fabric or cloth
    • scissors
    • buttons
    • ribbons
    • fabric paint
    • sewing machine or needle and thread
    • stuffing material, another pillow, pillow foam. sponge or feathers

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    Cut a tracing paper pattern in the shape you want for your pillow and pin it to the fabric. Cut around the pattern.

    Add embellishments, such as jewels, buttons or ribbon, to the front of the fabric by stitching them by hand or using fabric glue. You can also add painted designs with fabric paint.

    Pin the right sides of the fabric together and stitch around the pillow, using a 5/8-inch seam allowance. Leave a 2-inch opening at the top to stuff the pillow.

    Add stuffing to the pillow or insert a foam pillow form.

    Fold the seam allowance of the opening inside and hand-stitch the opening to finish the pillow.

    • Any fabric will make a pillow, but cotton, twill, denim or other sturdy choices will hold up to use best.

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