How to Make a Crystal Ball

    by Melissa J. Bell

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    A crystal ball is a type of fortune-telling object believed by some to allow its user to scry, or "see" images and information there. The tradition comes from the Druid religion, and was later adopted by wizards, seers, gypsies and other people interested in divining the past, present or future. Although crystal balls are traditionally made from beryl, rock crystal and other transparent stones, modern people are often more interested in making flashier objects as costume accessories or for special effects. Additionally, commissioning a real crystal ball is too expensive for most people. Whether making props for Halloween or adding a touch of mystery to a costume, you can make your own crystal ball without spending too much money.

    Things You'll Need

    • Glass globe ceiling light fixture
    • Jack o' lantern battery-operated LED light
    • Multi-colored cellophane
    • Paint and decorative materials
    • Screwdriver

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    Remove the glass globe from the base of a glass globe ceiling light fixture, using the screwdriver. You will not need the bulb.

    Decorate the outside of the globe or leave it bare, as desired. You can add stickers, paint designs, or spray glitter or glass frost on the globe to create a colorful, cloudy effect. You can also leave the glass bare so the color from the light will show through more clearly.

    Decorate or paint the base of the light fixture. Use a dark or neutral color for a spookier crystal ball, or more flamboyant colors for a friendlier ball. You can also paint designs on the base, glue sequins or foam cutouts to it, or add fake spiderwebs, depending on how you would like it to look.

    Fill the inside of the glass globe with multicolored cellophane, which can be purchased from any craft store. Put as many different colors as you like into the globe. Leave some room so the globe is not completely stuffed fulll.

    Attach the glass globe to its base, screwing it in place. Insert a battery-operated LED light, usually used to light jack-o'-lanterns on Halloween, into the glass globe through the hole in the base. Flashing lights that change colors are best. To keep the light secure inside, cut a ring of craft foam and push the jack-o'-lantern light through it. Turn the light on before insertion. Flip the base over to watch your crystal ball glow.

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