How to Make a Cone Shape From Paper

    by Ashley Kurz

    About the Author

    Ashley Kurz, a full-time professional writer since 2009, publishes on various informational websites. An expert in the craft field specializing in craft-related topics, Kurz has taught arts and crafts for group therapy sessions.


    Whether you need to make a custom party hat or a cone-shaped treat holder, paper is the perfect material of choice. Easily shaped into a cone, paper comes in an endless supply of prints and can be securely held with regular clear tape. If you need paper cones to decorate your next party, you can easily make them yourself using patterned scrapbooking paper, clear tape and a few simple embellishments such as ribbon, stickers and adhesive gems.

    Things You'll Need

    • Patterned papers
    • Clear tape
    • Scissors
    • Embellishments

    Visit the scrapbooking department of your local craft store to find a solid-colored or patterned paper that's right for your project. If you're making party hats, you might look for paper printed with balloons or birthday cakes. Similarly, if you're making cones to hold popcorn and treats at the party, paper printed with stripes, polka dots or even popcorn will suffice.

    Clear a sizable work area and gather your supplies.

    Position your paper print-side-down on the table and pull one corner of the paper down towards the center of the paper and roll it inward so that the paper takes the shape of a cone. For party hats, leave a small hole in the tip of the hat. For treat holders, curl the paper tightly to eliminate the hole.

    Use scissors to carefully the wide edge of your paper cone. After trimming it should set squarely on a table with the tip of the cone pointing up.

    Embellish your paper cone with stickers, adhesive gems or markers. For party hats, tie a knot in a cluster of different colored ribbons and thread it backwards through the cone so the ribbons trail out and over the point.

    • If making a party hat, staple a length of thin elastic on either side.