How to Make a Comforter for a Toddler

    by Maryelser Kinmore

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    When your children make the transition from baby crib to toddler bed, you want to them to be as warm and comfortable as possible. Since most toddlers are too small for regular-sized blankets, try making your child a toddler-sized comforter. You have control over how thick or thin it is and whether it will be exactly the size of the bed or be just a little bigger. Simple and inexpensive to make, this project will delight of your toddler.

    Things You'll Need

    • Fabric
    • Iron
    • Ruler
    • Tailor's chalk
    • Rotary cutter or scissors
    • Rubber mat (if using rotary cutter)
    • Batting
    • Straight pins
    • Sewing machine
    • Needle
    • Thread

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    Measure the length and width of the comforter. If you want the cover to drape over the sides, measure the thickness, as well, and add that to the width measure. Add 1 1/4 inches to the width and to the length for the seam allowances.

    Choose fabric and batting for the comforter. Cotton-polyester blends are usually easiest to keep clean, since they can go into your home washing machine. Choose a batting to give the thickness you want for the blanket.

    Wash the fabric and dry the fabric to remove the sizing and to prevent later shrinkage. Iron the yardage to remove the wrinkles, if necessary.

    Use the ruler and chalk to mark the cutting measurements. Cut the two pieces from the fabric and one from the batting, either with scissors or with the rotary cutter and mat.

    Place one piece of fabric on your work surface, right side facing up. Add the batting, lining up the edges with those of the fabric. Cover both layers with the second fabric piece, with the wrong (back) side facing up. Pin the edges of all three layers together.

    Sew the comforter together, using a 5/8-inch seam allowance. Leave a 2-inch space open. Trim the seam allowance to 1/4 inch.

    Turn the comforter inside out through the open space.

    Slip stitch the opening shut with a needle and thread.

    Stitch three or four parallel lines down the length of the comforter to hold the layers in place.

    • To make your toddler's blankie even more personal, add appliques of his favorite things or of his initials before you stack the fabric layers. You can stitch or glue the designs on the covers, or you can use iron-on fabric adhesive to bind them.
    • Do not add buttons or beads to decorate the comforter, as they may become a choking hazard.