How to Make a Colonial Hat for Boys

    by Jennifer Leighton

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    Whether it's for a school play, project or a historical costume for Halloween, a colonial hat is a necessary accessory for period attire. Also called a tricorne hat, it was worn at both casual and formal events by men and boys. Though authentic colonial hats were normally made from beaver skin, a simple replica can be created from construction paper.

    Things You'll Need

    • Pattern
    • Black construction paper or black cardboard
    • Scissors
    • Stapler

    Trace a tricorne hat shape on to a piece of copy paper. The shape is similar to a gently rolling hill, or a triangle with the tip and corners rounded off.

    Stack three pieces of black construction paper together.

    Cut the hat pattern that you traced in step one out of the black construction paper. You will then have three identical pieces of paper.

    Staple the ends of the hat pieces together so that they form a triangle shape. To make the hat as large as possible, the staples should be very close to the edge. For a smaller hat, place the staples closer to the center of the hat.

    • Use white chalk or a metallic gold or silver marker to decorate the edges of the hat like embroidery.
    • Make sure the staples are completely closed so they don't cause injury.