How to Make a Collage Picture Frame

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    Decorating a picture frame with a collage is an inexpensive and creative way to jazz up an old picture frame. Let your creativity run wild with these picture frames as you choose what items you want to use to create the collage. These make wonderful gifts. But, you may want to keep it when you see how great the finished product is.

    Things You'll Need

    • Picture frame
    • Sand paper
    • Clean cotton cloth
    • Craft brush or small paintbrush
    • Paint
    • Collage resources
    • Glue
    • Craft sealant

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    Lightly sand the picture frame to get rid of any rough surfaces or loose paint. Wipe the frame down with a clean cotton cloth to remove any dirt particles.

    Use a craft brush or small paintbrush to paint your picture frame. Apply at least two layers of paint, allowing the paint to completely dry in between coats.

    Plan your collage theme for your picture frame. If this is a gift for someone else, think about what types of activities that person likes. Choose any stickers, cutouts, leaves, shells, pictures or other embellishments you might need to make the collage on the picture frame.

    Glue the items for the collage onto the picture frame. Start with any flat item such as photos, stickers or patterned paper. Press the item down firmly for a few seconds before moving on to the next item. Smooth out any wrinkles or lumps that appear. Overlap items slightly according to your design. Allow frame to dry overnight.

    Apply a few coats of craft sealant over the picture frame with a small paintbrush or craft brush before adding any raised embellishments. Allow the sealant to dry completely in between coats. Once dry, glue on any other embellishments you desire such as stones, metal findings, buttons, flat-back rhinestones, etc. Allow to dry completely before giving as a gift or hanging.