How to Make Cobwebs for Halloween

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    Decorating for Halloween kicks off the fall and winter decorating seasons for many households and neighborhoods. Cobwebs are an essential part of any Halloween décor. These helpful hints give you many different options for creating your own professional looking cobwebs.

    Things You'll Need

    • Stretchable cobweb material
    • Plastic spiders
    • Sheer black cloth
    • Cobweb in a can
    • Nylon spider web
    • Cobweb shooter
    • Cobweb spinner
    • Glue sticks
    • Black thread

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    Purchase fake stretchable cobweb material in a bag at a Halloween party store such as Party City. The fake cobwebs resemble oversized thin cotton balls that you can stretch to decorate any item. Put the cobwebs on furniture and add fake plastic spiders to the cobweb for an even more realistic effect.

    Use creepy cloth in black or grey to create a cobweb effect. The sheer antique-looking fabric gives any item a creepy, old look. Use the cloth as a drape for a table or on a doorway, window or furniture. Add fake cobwebs or more holes to the cloth to intensify the cobweb look.

    Spray cobwebs onto Halloween decorations using cobweb in a can. This aerosol can of webbing sticks to whatever you spray it on. Use this in conjunction with large cotton or nylon spider webs.

    Decorate entire rooms in cobwebs in a few minutes using what professionals use, a cobweb spinner or cobweb shooter. A cobweb spinner attaches to an electric drill and sprays out thin filaments of cobweb materials. The cobweb shooter, a modified hot glue gun, uses compressed air to shoot glue to make cobwebs. You can use glow-in-the-dark glue sticks, as well.

    Create the feel of walking through cobwebs by hanging black thread from tree branches or the ceiling. This method is fun for unsuspecting trick-or-treaters.

    • Be careful to not spray cobweb in a can on anything important such as a coffee table.