How to Make Christmas Bows

    by Kate Lee

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    Many fabric and craft stores carry Christmas ribbon in a variety of widths, colors and styles. You can use Christmas ribbon to tie a fluffy bow made of loops of ribbon or you can make a flat, tailored bow for a more subtle, elegant Christmas look, whether for the tops of gifts, for tree or home decorations or even for napkin rings.

    Things You'll Need

    • Christmas ribbon
    • Narrow ribbon
    • Scissors
    • Stapler (optional)
    • Glue (optional)

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    Make Christmas Bows With Loops of Ribbon

    Unspool 2 to 3 feet of ribbon.

    Make a loop in the ribbon the size you want for the bottom of the bow, leaving several inches for a tail. Twist the ribbon and then make another loop the same size on the opposite side of the bow.

    Twist the ribbon and make a smaller loop on top of the first loop. Twist the ribbon again and make a loop in the same size on the opposite side.

    Hold the center of the Christmas bow with your thumb on top and index finger underneath. Wrap the ribbon over your thumb to make a small loop, then remove your thumb, continuing to hold the loops together.

    Cut the end of the ribbon, so the tail is the same size as on the first side.

    Insert a piece of narrow ribbon through the small loop on top of the Christmas bow. Wrap the narrow ribbon around the bow and tie the ends together. Cut off the excess narrow ribbon with scissors. Alternatively, you can twist a matching chenille stem to hold the loops in place.

    Fluff out the loops so that the bow looks nice and even. Pull the loops away from each other gently to make a puffier bow.

    Make Flat Christmas Bows

    Cut a piece of Christmas ribbon a little more than twice as wide as you want the bottom of the bow. Overlap the ends of the ribbon to make a loop.

    Pinch the loop together so that it looks like an "8." Staple or glue the center of the loop together, making sure to catch the overlapping ends of the ribbon.

    Make two or more additional loops of Christmas ribbon, each slightly smaller than the previous one. Stack the loops on top of each other, with the largest loop on the bottom and the smallest loop on top.

    Cut a piece of ribbon longer than the largest loop to make the tails. Place the loops on top of the tails ribbon. Staple or glue all the ribbons together in the center.

    Cut a short piece of Christmas ribbon, just long enough to wrap around the center of the bow with the ends overlapping. Wrap the ribbon around the center of the bow to hide the staple, then glue the ends of the ribbon together.

    • Trim the Christmas ribbon tails at an angle, or cut V-shaped notches into the ends to give the bow a more decorative look.

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