How to Make a Card for Teachers Day

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    Everyone likes appreciation, and teachers are no exception. One way to do something nice for a teacher is to make a card for Teacher's Day. Whether you are an appreciative parent or a student who wants to stay on the teacher's good side, a homemade card can really make a good impression.

    Things You'll Need

    • Paper
    • Markers
    • Scissors
    • Glitter
    • Glue

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    Use a clean sheet of paper. Heavy card stock or construction paper works best, but even copy paper will do.

    Fold the paper into the desired shape. You can fold it in half, into thirds or into quarters, depending on the size card you intend to make. Measure carefully before you crease the paper so you have even folds.

    Think of a catchy or funny thing to say on your card. When you know what you are going to write, decide on a picture that fits the same theme. For instance, apples are associated with teachers so try stamping apple shapes on the face of the card.

    Rough in your card by sketching it in pencil. Pencil is easy to alter until you settle on a design. Once your design is set, use colored pencils, crayons or markers to create a brightly colored card for Teacher's Day. For example, apples are associated with teachers so try designing apple shapes on the face of the card.

    Trim the card with sequins, glitter or glitter-glue to make the finished product sparkle. Allow to dry completely before giving the card to your teacher.

    • If the fold is off center, use a ruler to create a new, even edge. Trim off the odd edges with scissors.
    • Decorate a matching envelope by turning a manila envelope into a work of art. Insert your teacher's card and deliver it on Teacher's Day.