How to Make a Card on Microsoft Word

    by Rhonda Campbell

    About the Author

    Rhonda Campbell is an entrepreneur, radio host and author. She has more than 17 years of business, human resources and project management experience and decades of book, newspaper, magazine, radio and business writing experience. Her works have appeared in leading periodicals like "Madame Noire," "Halogen TV," "The Network Journal," "Essence," "Your Church Magazine," "The Trenton Times," "Pittsburgh Quarterly" and "New Citizens Press."


    Microsoft Word is one of the tools you can use to create cards for family and friends. Create cards just for special holidays or create multiple copies of cards to keep on file and send to friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues or business clients. Creating your own cards saves money and requires only a small amount of time.

    Things You'll Need

    • Card stock

    Open a blank page in Microsoft Word. Click "View," then "Print Layout" so you can see how the card looks while you create it.

    Set the margins. In Microsoft Word 2003 or earlier, click "File," then "Page Setup" and finally "Margins" to change the margin settings. In Microsoft Word 2007 or later, click "Page Layout," then select "Margins." Set the top, bottom, left and right margins to 1.25 inches. If you want to create a larger greeting card, set all the margins to 1 inch or less.

    Choose fonts and colors. Use the drop-down box next to the line spacing feature on the tool bar and select "Times New Roman" font. If you want to change the font, use the drop-down box and click on the new font. For Microsoft Word 2007, just click "Font" on the toolbar directly below "Home" and select "Times New Roman."

    Open the drop-down box next to the font type and set the font size to 26. Add color to your greeting card cover text by clicking the drop-down box at the end of the tool bar labeled with an "A" and underlined with the default color, black. Click on the color you would like.

    Add graphics and pictures. Click the "Enter" button on your keyboard 14 times. Click "Insert," "Picture" then "From File" and select a picture or graphic you have saved on your computer's hard drive to insert on the front of the greeting card.

    Type a greeting on the front of your card on line 12. For example, you could type "I was thinking of you today," or "You are important to me."

    Include a greeting on the inside of your card, by clicking the "Enter" button on your computer keyboard until you reach line 12 of the second page of the Microsoft Word document. Set the font to size 18 and the color to black. Type a brief greeting, about 12 lines maximum.

    Email or print your card. To email your greeting card, save the card in PDF form by clicking "File" then "Print." Use the drop-down box by the "Printer Name" and select "Adobe PDF." Attach the document to an email and send.

    Load your printer's paper tray with card stock. To print your greeting card, click "File" then "Print." Select your printer name using the drop-down box. Click "OK" to print the top cover of your greeting card. Depending on how your printer is configured, to print the inside greeting on the card, you may have to turn the paper over so the front of the card is facing down in the printer's paper tray. Then select "File," "Print," "Pages" and type in "2" and click "OK." Fold the card in half, sign and mail.

    • Print your card out on plain paper first to check that everything is as you want it, to avoid wasting card stock.