How to Make Candyland Decorations

    by Monica Patrick

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    As a former senior sales director with Mary Kay and the co-owner of a renovation company, Monica Patrick has firsthand knowledge of small business operations. Besides start ups, she has extensive skills in recruiting, selling, leadership, makeup artistry and skin care.


    Candyland is a sweet, endearing board game for small children featuring a colorful board with lots of candy decorations. The main characters in the game are gingerbread people who journey through Candyland competing against one another to see who arrives at the end of the sweet rainbow first. Along the way, there are plenty of things to see, such as lollipops, ice cream and tons of sweets. If you're decorating your party venue or parade float in a Candyland theme, use your creativity to make some tasty looking adornments.

    Things You'll Need

    • Foam discs (12-inch diameter)
    • Wooden dowels (36 inches long)
    • Screwdriver
    • Colored cellophane sheeting
    • Heavy duty scissors
    • Floral wire
    • Wire cutters
    • Wide ribbon with wire edges
    • Transparency
    • Projector
    • Cardboard
    • Permanent marker
    • Acrylic paints
    • Paintbrushes
    • Glitter glue

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    Poke a small hole in the edge of a foam disc and then skewer the disc onto a wooden dowel, forcing the dowel at least 2 to 3 inches deep.

    Cut out a 1-yard section from the colored cellophane. Lay the cellophane flat to cut it. Wrap the cellophane around the foam disc of the lollipop. Secure it around the disc at the neck with some floral wire.

    Tie a bright, matching-colored ribbon around the neck of the lollipop to hide the wire. Trim each end of the ribbons into a V shape. Repeat to make as many lollipops as you like.

    Gingerbread Men

    Use your computer's graphic design program to create a transparency of a gingerbread person. Print out the design on a transparency.

    Put the transparency onto a projector and project onto a wall.

    Lay the cardboard up against the wall and adjust the cardboard to center the image. Use the largest piece of cardboard you can find to make a giant gingerbread man. Adjust the projector’s magnification to make it the size you need.

    Draw the image on the cardboard with a black permanent marker. Include the face, buttons and decorations.

    Cut out the gingerbread man from the cardboard with heavy-duty scissors. Use acrylic paints to color in the face, buttons, and decorations. Use some glitter glue and dab it all over the gingerbread man. Let the gingerbread dry, and then tie some ribbon around his neck. Make a bow and cut a ‘V’ out of each end. Adjust the bow, fluffing it out. Repeat to create multiple gingerbread men.


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