How to Make a Bunny Out of Towels

    by Brenda Priddy

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    "Towel Origami" is the art of folding towels into interesting shapes. If you visit a resort hotel or take a cruise, you may find engaging towel creatures waiting for you in bathrooms and powder rooms. Towel bunnies are one type of design you might make. There are two ways to make towel bunnies. One method uses multiple towels and the other method uses a single towel to complete the bunny shape.

    Things You'll Need

    • Hand towels
    • Bath towels
    • Eye stickers
    • Mouth sticker
    • Rubber band or string
    • Large pom-poms

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    Multiple-Towel Bunny

    Roll two hand towels lengthwise into tight rolls and set them aside.

    Fold a bath towel into quarters. Roll the towel into a tube shape starting from the loose side and rolling toward the folded side.

    Reach inside the top of the tube and pull out two towel corners. Fluff the corners to make the bunny’s ears.

    Wrap the two hand towels around the body of the bath towel to give the bunny arms and legs. Place eye and mouth stickers on the bunny to complete the look, if desired.

    Single-Towel Bunny

    Roll a towel diagonally from the top right corner down to the bottom left corner. Fold the tube in half.

    Fold the tube in half again. Wrap a rubber band around the second fold to make a head for the bunny. You can also use string if the rubber band is too small.

    Stick eye and mouth stickers on the rubber-banded side of the towel to make a face for the rabbit. Place a fluffy pom-pom on the other side of the bunny for a tail.

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