How to Make a Braided Knot Rug

    by Kelly Sundstrom

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    Kelly Sundstrom is a national special needs spokesperson and writer. She writes content for major brands, magazines and newspapers, including Gather News, STACK Magazine, Colgate, Kudzu, LIVESTRONG and Lowe's Home Improvement. She currently has over 6500 digital and print articles in publication. Her awards include the 2012 Skyword High Flyer Award and the 2009 Demand Media Top Content Creator Award.


    Braided knot rugs date back to a time when people only had scraps of cloth to use to make a rug. The pioneers used strips of cloth leftover from sewing projects or old clothing and braided them together to make a rug. Braided rugs were popular in the 1800s and are still popular today. Although you can buy a braided rug in a store, you can also try your hand at creating your own braided rug by hand, just as the pioneers did.

    Things You'll Need

    • Wool cloth
    • Thread
    • Needle
    • Scissors
    • Clothespins

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    Cut strips of wool cloth at least 2 inches across with scissors. The lengths do not need to be the same, and you can use many varieties of cloth. Scraps were typically used for traditional braided rugs. You can do the same with pieces of extra fabric that you may have around the house.

    Braid three strips together. Hold the top with a clothespin or you can knot it together. Keep the braid tight when you braid, making the braid face the same direction. When you run out of one strip, knot another strip onto the first strip. Continue to add more strips of wool cloth until your braid reaches the length you are satisfied with. Clip the end with another clothespin or knot it together.

    Starting with one end of your braid, roll the length around it in a spiral. Make sure the braid lays flat and does not roll up on its side. As you roll, sew the edges together using a needle and thread. This can take time. If you run out of thread, knot the end to the braided piece you are working on and attach more thread to your needle. Continue to sew until your braided rug is completely sewn.

    Tuck the end under the bottom of the rug when you reach the end of your rugtand sew it so it can't be seen. Tuck the ends of the rug into one of the other braids underneath. Make sure the end is sewn well so it can't slip or pull out.