How to Make Bracelets With Soda Can Tabs

    by Angela Neal

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    Instead of tossing that soda pop can into the recycling bin, create an innovate and stylish bracelet using soda can tabs or "pop tops" found on the tops of cans. By repurposing these pop tops, you can add colorful, eco-friendly pieces to your jewelry collection. Not only can you save money by reusing recyclables, but you can also enjoy the creative process.

    Things You'll Need

    • Tape measure
    • Scissors
    • Crafting cord
    • 20 to 25 soda can tabs

    Measure and cut a 2 1/2-foot-long length of crafting cord.

    Loop the cord through the first pop tab so that the tab is in the middle of the cord. Make sure the sharp side of the pop tab faces downward to avoid injuries by sharp metal.

    Position another pop tab under the first one, sharp side facing the sharp side of the first tab. Bring both ends of the cord underneath and up through the hole of the second pop tab.

    Place a third pop tab next to the first one, sharp side down. Cross the two ends of cord over each other to form an "x" that will hold the third one in place. Pull the two cord ends down through the tab on the bottom.

    Repeat the process by putting another pop tab on the bottom, sharp side up and looping the two ends of cord up through the next one and the tab on top. Check the length of the pop tabs against your wrist so you know when to stop adding tabs.

    Finish the bracelet by placing the final tab on the bottom side, sharp side up. If you are using elastic cord, tie the two ends of the bracelet together, creating enough stretch to enable you to slip the bracelet on and off your wrist. It you are using ribbon or non-elastic cord, tie the end with the extra cord in a knot. You will use this side to loop through the other end so you can fasten the bracelet together.

    Cut any excess cord off from the bracelet to finish.

    • Get creative with the colors by using cans with colored pop tabs or by painting them first with acrylic paint.
    • Experiment with different colors of cord and ribbon.
    • Use any kind of ribbon, an elastic cord, or even a narrow strip of sturdy material.

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