How to Make Bracelets From Gimp

    by F.R.R. Mallory

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    Gimp is plastic lacing that is thin and flat. This lacing comes in all kinds of colors and it is popularly used by children to make key chains and friendship bracelets, particularly in the summer in camp setting. Starting to work with gimp takes a bit of practice, but after a few rows it becomes very easy to understand and work with. There are many designs that can be created; this is the simple box-like shape.

    Things You'll Need

    • Pillow
    • Safety pin
    • Gimp
    • Super glue
    • Beads

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    Pin a large safety pin to a firm pillow. A firm pillow makes a good wrist rest for doing close work like gimp weaving.

    Cut two strands of gimp 36-inches long. Each strand should be a different color. Fold one strand in half to find the center point. Thread the strand over the arm of the safety pin and knot the gimp at the center point. Fold the second strand in half, thread it over the safety pin and knot on top of the first strand.

    Spread your gimp out so each strand is going in its own direction. Top, bottom, left side and right side.

    Take the top gimp to the left across the left gimp so that the top gimp is now facing down (and it becomes the bottom gimp in the next round). Take the bottom gimp to the right across the right gimp so that the bottom gimp is now facing up (it becomes the top gimp in the next round).

    Take the right strand up and across to the left. Cross over the new top gimp. Cross over the beginning of the original top gimp. Cross under and through the loop where the original top gimp turned toward the bottom. Take the left strand down and across to the right. Cross over the new bottom gimp. Cross over the beginning of the original bottom gimp. Cross under and through the loop where the original bottom gimp turned toward the top.

    Tighten your laces by pulling on each end equally. Spread your laces out top, bottom left side and right side and begin again. Continue until you have the length of strand you want.

    Thread the ends of your bracelet through the end close to your safety pin. Remove the pin. Knot your ends and super glue the knots to keep them in place.

    • Add beads and other decorations to enhance the bracelet. Give your bracelet as a sign of friendship.

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