How to Make a Box Style Gimp

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    Gimp is a flat, plastic lacing thread used to make a variety of crafts such as bracelets and key fobs. Also called boondoggle, gimp is available in a variety of colors, including neon and glow-in-the-dark. Because gimp is readily available at craft stores, it makes a suitable crafting medium for both children and adults. The box stitch is one method of stitching with gimp.

    Things You'll Need

    • 2 colors gimp lacing, each 24 inches long

    Fold each piece of gimp in half and squeeze the fold to make a small crease that marks the center. Lay the two pieces on a table to make a cross-shape, intersecting at the folds. Call the top piece "A" and the bottom piece "B."

    Hold the center where the two pieces intersect. Take one end of B and bring it up atop A, just to the left of where the two intersect. Do the same just to the right of the intersection so that you now have two loops -- one above and one below the line of A.

    Take the ends of A and weave them over and under the two loops made by B. Continue to hold the point where the two strands meet. Pull the four ends of the gimp tight.

    Continue this pattern weaving each strand over then under, working square across the "box." Weave the two of one color and pull tightly, then weave the two strands of the other color and pull tightly.

    Weave the gimp until about 3 inches remain. Use the loose ends to connect the box gimp to a key or other object.

    • Depending on weaving methods, expect to start with pieces two to three times the length of the finished project.
    • Slide a key ring or a swivel-eye hook onto the gimp before you begin weaving. Center the ring or hook at the fold crease of the length of gimp on top of the other. Hold it in place with the thumb and forefinger while you set the first weave in place.