How to Make a Bow With Wire Ribbon

    by Angela Robinson

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    Wire ribbon is not only easier to work with when making bows than plain ribbon, but ensures that the bow maintains its form on a package, wreath or flower arrangement. Because it stays where you put it, you can manipulate wire-edged ribbon into fanciful, extravagant shapes to add flair to any project.

    Things You'll Need

    • Wire ribbon, minimum of 3 feet
    • Scissors
    • Floral wire

    Measure the desired length of ribbon, at least 3 feet, and make the cut. You will need additional length for ribbon tails.

    Create a center. Fold the cut ribbon in half and make a small loop by twisting the ribbon to form the center. Hold the twist with your thumb and index finger during the bow-making process.

    Add loops. In a side-to-side pattern, make large loops and twisting them closed. Continue until the base of the ribbon is one large, tight twist. Position the twist inside of the loops, concealing the twisted ribbon.

    Secure the base of the entire ribbon with floral wire when you have made your desired amount of loops. Carefully spread the ribbon loops to form a full and even bow.

    Trim the ends of the ribbon. Either snip the ends into an inverted "V" shape, or trim with scalloped scissors.

    • Use a length of cardboard and wrap your ribbon around it to create even loops.
    • The tips of the wire should be folded back to prevent them from scratching anyone.

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