How to Make Bottle Cap Images

    by Louise Harding

    About the Author

    Louise Harding holds a B.A. in English language arts and is a licensed teacher. Harding is a professional fiction writer. She is mother to four children, two adopted internationally, and has had small businesses involving sewing and crafting for children and the home. Harding's frugal domestic skills help readers save money around the home.


    Making bottle cap images for use in craft projects is a project that both children and adults can appreciate. Images for bottle caps can be gathered from a wide variety of sources, and locating suitable images encourages children, students and adults to recycle and reuse common items such as magazines, catalogs, postcards and greeting cards. This is a project an entire classroom of students can make for holiday gifts, or while studying magnets and recycling.

    Things You'll Need

    • Metal bottle caps
    • Tissue paper
    • Pen
    • Scissors
    • Paper image e.g. photograph, magazine, greeting card, catalog
    • Computer with Internet access
    • Printer
    • Glue stick
    • Clear casting resin
    • 1/2-inch diameter magnet
    • Fine grit sandpaper
    • Super-strength glue

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    Locate an image that you like. Look in magazines, catalogs, old calendars, postcards, greeting cards, junk mail or stickers. Use your own photographs by resizing them with photo editing software, or use the preview photo cards many photo developing companies include with your developed photo orders. Download and save images from websites and print them in color or in black and white.

    Place a piece of tissue paper inside a clean, dry bottle cap. Press the tissue paper into the side ridges of the bottle cap, and smooth the paper over the bottom of the bottle cap.

    Use a pen to trace around the inside of the bottle cap on the tissue paper. Remove the paper and cut out the traced circle.

    Place the tissue paper pattern on top of your image. Trace around the pattern with a pen and cut out the image.

    Rub a glue stick lightly on the back of your cut out image. Press the glue also onto the inside bottom of the bottle cap. The back of the bottle cap won’t be seen, and the brand and words will be mostly covered with a magnet.

    Mix the clear casting resin according to the instructions for the particular brand of resin you’re using. Pour the clear casting resin into the bottle cap over the paper image until the bottle cap is full. Allow the resin to dry for 24 to 48 hours, or until it's completely set.

    Sand the back center of the metal bottle cap lightly with a fine grit sandpaper to create texture for ease in gluing the magnet to the metal. Sand in a back-and-forth movement, stopping when you can rub your finger over the back of the bottle cap and feel the roughness.

    Place a pea-sized drop of super-strength glue onto the back of the magnet and adhere it to the back of the metal bottle cap. Allow the glue to completely dry.

    • Instead of a magnet, the bottle cap image can be transformed into a necklace, a charm for a bracelet or a brooch.
    • Use caution when gluing with super-strength glues. These glues will adhere flesh to your project and can result in injuries. If you get glue on your skin, refer to the packaging for the best way to proceed.