How to Make a Blanket Tent

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    Rainy days are the perfect time to make a blanket tent. Kids love to hide away in these secret forts and make them their own special places. Little imaginations can turn these simple-to-make creations into castles or clubhouses where you need a password to gain entry. Take a few minutes to build a blanket tent with your child and watch his inventiveness flourish.

    Things You'll Need

    • Blankets

    Gather several blankets and unfold them to full size. You can also use bed sheets. Afghans aren't recommended as the yarn can unravel at the tent's anchor points.

    Use dining room chairs for added support of your tent. You can also use bar stools, piano benches or sturdy end tables.

    Drape blankets across the furniture. Anchor the ends of the blankets with heavy books, or keep them in place with the feet of the chairs. Tie corners of blankets together to increase the coverage area.

    Throw pillows inside the tent for comfort. Books, cards or tea parties are perfect activities to keep kids occupied in the tent. Play dress-up in the blanket tent to fuel imagination.

    Make your blanket tent in a bedroom. Use the top mattress as an anchor from a bunk bed or tuck the blanket into a futon or flat bed. Wrap the blankets over dressers, bookshelves or chairs for height. Place stuffed animal friends inside the tent for company.

    • Remember to leave a doorway to your blanket tent for the kids.