How to Make Free Bible Scroll Crafts

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    Making Bible scrolls as a craft is an excellent idea for a Sunday school lesson, or for any children’s activity. Making the scrolls is not terribly difficult, and can be fun for kids and adults alike. Also, crafting the scrolls does not take a lot of unusual material, so you will most likely be able to find people who are willing to donate items you need to do this craft.

    Things You'll Need

    • Paper (preferably tan)
    • Pencils
    • Cardboard
    • Brown water colors
    • Fun decorations

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    Print out a Bible verse to include on the scroll. If your kids are studying a certain chapter of the Bible, choose a verse from that chapter to put on the scroll. Often, kids learn certain Bible stories or themes rather than chapters, so pick a verse that goes along with the story or theme.

    Make the paper look “ancient.” To do this, you will want to have the kids crinkle up the tan paper and then straighten it again. Repeating this process several times will give the paper an antiquated look. Also, to add to the effect, you can have the kids rip the edges of the paper.

    Curl the ends of the paper around a pencil to create the scroll effect. Make sure you wrap the paper tightly so that it stays curled when you release the paper from the pencil. After you curl both sides of the paper, glue the curls to the paper. This will allow you to be sure that the curled part of the paper does not come undone.

    Glue the scroll to a piece of cardboard. This will make the scroll firm and not as easily smashed or broken. Once the scroll is glued to the cardboard, the kids can paint the paper with the brown watercolors. This will make the scrolls look even older and more authentic. Hang the scrolls to dry.

    Decorate the scrolls when they are dry. You may have to wait a night and continue the activity the next day. You may want to have some extra paint on hand for decoration. You might also want to have glitter or sequins to let the kids have fun. If these scrolls are being made for Christmas or Easter, you may want to include some festive decorations such as holiday themed stickers or stamps.

    • Tea water can be used instead of brown watercolors.
    • Make sure the scrolls are completely dry before you let the kids decorate. If they are not dry, things could get messy.


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