How to Make a Beer Box Cowboy Hat

    by Leah Newman

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    Beer box cowboy hats are commercially available in gift shops, novelty stores and from online retailers. The hat, however, is usually much more expensive than the three cases of beer needed to make such a hat. While there are many ways of making beer box hats at home, this one most resembles a real cowboy hat, because many others use a square top. In addition, this hat can be made using any heavy paper or cardboard.

    Things You'll Need

    • Three beer boxes
    • Stapler
    • Scissors
    • Marker
    • Tape

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    Unfold three beer boxes until they lay flat. Draw a circle or an oval approximately the circumference of your head on one of the boxes. Cut out this shape.

    Mark a strip the width of your head diameter on the second beer box. Add at least an inch to this so you can make it into a tube. This strip should be about eight inches tall. Wrap the cardboard strip into a tube. Overlap approximately an inch, and secure the overlap with the stapler.

    Cut 1-inch slits in the edges of the top and bottom of the tube. Fold the slits on the top of the tube inward, and tape the oval shape you cut out earlier to the tube to form the top of the hat. Fold the bottom pieces of slitted cardboard outward.

    Lay the top of the hat down on the third box, and trace around it. Measure approximately six inches out in all directions, and draw another circle. Cut out this circle and the inner circle, leaving only a halo shape. Slide this over the top of the hat, and down until it is sitting on the bottom slits. Secure with staples.

    Roll the side of the brim of the hat slightly toward the center to form a beer box cowboy hat shape.

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