How to Make a Beard Out of Cotton Balls

    by Olivia Michaels

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    Crafting a beard out of materials found around your own home may seem like a challenge. However, the tools for this project may be much easier to find than you would initially think. Cotton balls are an excellent material to use for home-crafted beards. Additionally, cotton balls are easily found in any local drug or grocery store. A hand-crafted cotton ball beard is an easy and fun activity to do with children and can be used as a simple accessory to a homemade costume.

    Things You'll Need

    • Cotton balls
    • Craft glue
    • Scissors
    • White construction paper
    • Yarn
    • Hole punch

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    Cut a large, beard-sized triangle from a sheet of white construction paper.

    Cut a mustache-sized rectangle from a sheet of white construction paper.

    Glue each end of the rectangle to the base of the triangle, leaving an opening for your mouth to appear through the two shapes.

    Punch a hole through both edges of the mustache using a hole punch.

    Place the beard and mustache on your face and measure out two pieces of yarn large enough to tie together behind your head. Cut the two pieces of yarn.

    Tie each piece of yarn into a knot in each hole.

    Place the cotton balls over the construction paper and glue each ball individually onto the construction paper.

    • You can tease out the cotton balls slightly once the glue is dried to give the beard a more natural appearance.

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