How to Make Bead Earrings in Indian Patterns

    by Melissa Carpenter

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    Indian or Native American design patterns have been beaded into necklaces, belts and dangling earrings since tribes first discovered glass beads by way of trade with explorers. These tiny glass beads became the basis of Indian jewelry as we know it today, made with rows of vibrantly colored seed-like beads coming together to form larger patterns. You can bead your own Indian pattern earrings by stacking seed beads onto head pins of differing lengths and fastening the stacks one next to the other to create an overall, larger image.

    Things You'll Need

    • Indian pattern
    • Seed beads
    • Head pins
    • Fishhook earrings
    • Pliers

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    Identify which part of the pattern you would like to replicate in beads. Look at your Indian or Native American inspired pattern or design. Pick three to five vertical lines of that pattern to use as your beading pattern.

    Replicate the center line by stringing the coordinating seed bead colors in the designated pattern onto a head pin.

    Use your pliers to create a hook at the top of the head pin. Hook the head pin onto the loop of the fishhook earring. Clamp the head pin hook together, creating a secure loop.

    Repeat steps 2 and 3 for the two to four other lines you’ll be creating in the pattern. Repeat the entire process for the second earring.

    • Traditional "V" and diamond shaped patterns are the most recognizable Indian patterns.
    • Head pins can be added to the fishhook earring in varying heights to create the "V" effect, also known as a tapered earring.