How to Make Baseball Necklaces

    by Amanda Herron

    About the Author

    Amanda Herron is a photojournalist and writer whose credits include: "Georgia Realtor Magazine," "Jackson Parent Magazine," "Christian Guitarist and Bassist" and the Associated Press. Herron has a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and a Master of Arts in Education from Union University. She is a member of the NPPA and has awards from the Tennessee Press Association and Baptist Press.


    Baseball seam necklaces have become sports fashion statements for baseball players and fans of the game. Make a baseball seam necklace to preserve a game baseball, a ball used in a significant play or as a good luck charm for superstitious athletes. Home-made baseball seam necklaces are more personal than commercially made pieces. This technique can also be used for softball seam necklaces. Working the stiff leather into an attractive design may take a few tries, but the end result is sturdy and visually appealing.

    Things You'll Need

    • Baseball or softball
    • Utility knife
    • Necklace clasp
    • Crimping tool (or needle-nose pliers)

    Locate the red stitching, which runs in a continuous circle around a baseball. Use a utility knife to cut into the baseball leather, 1/4-inch to the left of the red stitching. Score a line along the stitching. Maintain 1/4-inch distance parallel to the stitching. Use the knife to cut through the baseball leather along the scored line.

    Repeat the process along the right side of the stitching. Score a line completely around the baseball, 1/4-inch from the stitching. Cut through the leather with the knife completely around the scored line.

    Slide the tip of the knife under the strip of leather you have just cut into the baseball. Slide the knife under the strip to separate it from the baseball. Work the strip off the baseball without cutting it in half. Remove the stitching in one complete piece.

    Soak the leather strip in a basin of water for two hours. Remove the strip and massage the leather to soften it. Look at the strip of stitching carefully until you find the seam where the stitching starts. Cut across the strip at this point so the stitches do not unravel. Soak the strip of leather in water again.

    Remove the strip of stitching from the water. Straighten the strip into a long, flat piece. Twist the leather strip so the stitches begin to spiral around the length. Soak it again if necessary to make it more pliable. Continue twisting until the seam is twisted into the shape of a necklace.

    Pull the ends together to form a necklace. Attach each end of the necklace to the a necklace clasp. Slide one necklace end into one piece of the necklace clasp. Press down with the crimping tool or needle-nose pliers to attach the clasp to the leather. Repeat to attach the other piece of the necklace clasp to the other end of the necklace.

    • The longer the leather soaks, the easier it will be to manipulate and re-shape.
    • Use the baseball seam as a bracelet by wrapping it twice around your wrist.
    • If the baseball seam necklace gets wet, it may unravel or lose its shape. Rework it and let it dry again.
    • Use caution when cutting into the leather ball. Go slowly to avoid the knife slipping and causing serious injury. The knife should only be used by an adult.


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