How to Make Balloon Flowers

    by Jeffrey Brian

    About the Author

    Jeffrey Brian is a professional writer specializing in fishing topics. He also uses his real estate training, sales abilities and general life knowledge to tackle a variety of other subjects.


    Why just settle for flowers that bloom and fade when you can create a bouquet that lasts longer. Balloon creations are a fun addition to any party or gift for someone you care about. There are a variety of things to shape and mold but one of the most basic and versatile is the flower. Here is how to make a balloon flower.

    Things You'll Need

    • 1 green balloon
    • 2 balloons of other colors

    Blow up one of the colored balloons and let out a little bit of air. Tie the two ends together in a knot to create a big loop. Bring the knot into the center of the balloon and twist it to make two equal loops.

    Pull the two loops together with the knot near the center. Hold the knot and twist the loops again to create four equal loops.

    Repeat steps one and two for the second colored balloon. You should now have two balloons with four loops each. Twist the loops of both balloons together to create eight petals of alternating colors.

    Blow up the green balloon. Hold it 1/3 of the way down and create a small loop then twist it to the long stem. Repeat this so there are two small loops on either side of a long green stem creating leaves. Make a bubble about 4 inches from the top by squeezing a section and twisting it.

    Insert the bubble top through the petals to create a flower center. Arrange the petals and leaves to finish your flower.

    • Pick fun color combinations, like the colors of a party theme or the person's favorite colors
    • Don't twist the balloons too tight or they might break