How to Make a Baby Memory Book

    by Suzie Faloon

    About the Author

    Suzie Faloon is a freelance writer who has written online content for various websites. As a professional crafter and floral designer, Faloon owned a florist business for nearly 25 years. She completed the Institute of Children's Literature course in 1988.


    A baby memory book is a treasured record of the first months and years of a child's life. The book is the perfect place to keep small items and mark down milestones of changes a baby goes through. Creating a special book for your child does not have to be difficult, thanks to the wide array of scrapbooking items now available at any major craft store.

    Things You'll Need

    • Scrapbook album
    • Page protectors
    • Acid-free papers and embellishments
    • Acid-free scrapbook adhesive
    • Photos
    • Keepsake items such as hospital bracelet
    • Acid-free journaling pen

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    Make a list of titles for categories to highlight in the baby memory book. You will want to have a series of pages for the baby shower, the birth, the hospital stay and first photos with family members. You may also want to feature a list of firsts, such as first laugh, first smile and first word. A "My Health Record" page is important to record shots and doctor visits as the baby increases in weight and height.

    Make titles for the pages that you are planning. You can place stickers, die cuts, printed fonts or hand-written titles directly onto the paper or use small paper title mats. Attach the titles to the pages in your book using acid-free scrapbook adhesive.

    Select photos for each page. The photos should be the best representation of the event. Do not fall into the trap of thinking every photo taken needs to be a part of your baby's scrapbook. Generally, four to six images per page is sufficient.

    Add any special memorabilia, such as baby's hospital bracelet or a lock of hair from his first haircut. Memorabilia can be added directly to the page or inserted into clear plastic pockets designed for this purpose.

    Use an acid-free pen to add any desired journaling. At a bare minimum, pages should include the date of the event, the names of the people in the photos, where the photos were taken and a brief description of why the photos are significant.

    Decorate the memory book pages with stickers or die cuts that are match the theme of the page. Use these embellishments sparingly to avoid creating a cluttered look.

    Place the finished layouts into page protectors and add them to your baby album.

    • To simplify the process of making a baby memory book, look for a line of baby scrapbook supplies that includes coordinating papers and embellishments.
    • To avoid damaging photos over time, check labels on supplies to make sure all items are acid-free.