How to Make Anti Slip Soles for Hand Knitted Slippers

    by Jessica Cook

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    Whether you're helping to keep your newborn niece's toes warm and cozy or adding to Grandma's slipper collection, you can share your creativity and talents with a hand-knitted pair of slippers for everyone on your holiday list. While hand-knitted socks and slippers make thoughtful gifts, they can be dangerous for some people because of the slippery soles; this is especially true for older adults and young children. Now you can add anti-slip soles to the slippers to help keep your special gift recipient safe from slips and falls.

    Things You'll Need

    • Fabric puffy paint

    Wash and dry the slippers. You can use a washing machine if your slippers are felted or if you used a machine-washable yarn for your project. You can make anti-slip soles for slippers made with hand wash-only yarns, but the finished soles will not work quite as effectively.

    Paint a design onto the sole of the slippers using fabric puffy paint. You can make simple squiggly lines or dots for a basic look, or personalize it by making hearts, flowers, stars or other shapes. Allow the puff paint to dry completely.

    Wash the slippers again, according to the directions on the puffy paint packaging, which generally involves washing in cold water and drying on low heat. Now the anti-slip soles will provide some traction on slippery floors.