How to Make Alien Costumes for Kids

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    Handmade costumes are fun to make and can be relatively inexpensive when compared to store-bought costumes. Since aliens come in all shapes and sizes, let your imagination soar when fashioning an alien costume for your child. Before you begin collecting embellishment items, think of whether you want to be a funny, scary or beautiful alien. If you are low on ideas, just check out a movie about aliens, such as “Men in Black,” for ideas.

    Things You'll Need

    • Sweat suit
    • Embellishments
    • Fabric glue
    • Gloves
    • Footwear
    • Face paint
    • Headband
    • Pipe cleaner
    • Pencil

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    Design a Costume

    Dress in a plain colored sweat suit. The color of the sweat suit will be based upon the type of alien you want to be. For example, a scary alien might need to wear black or brown. Funny aliens might wear bright green and a beautiful alien might wear pink or white.

    Attach embellishments to your sweat suit appropriate for your type of monster. For example, a scary alien might have tentacles attached. A funny alien might have googly eyes all over the clothing. A beautiful alien might be decorated with stars, glitter or flowers.

    Wear gloves or mittens to hide the skin on your hands. Look for gloves colored similarly to your sweat suit, or wear contrasting gloves that match the theme of your outfit. For example, use large rubber black gloves for a scary monster theme.

    Wear something unusual on your feet, such as flippers, black rubber boots, toe socks, webbed yoga-type shoes or bouncy moon shoes to help complete the outfit. The more unusual the footwear, the more unusual the overall costume.

    Apply face paint on the face and down the neck to hide your child’s natural skin color. Depending upon the theme you have chosen, apply it all in one color or mix colors to make it look more camouflage-like. You may want to add warts or weird facial features for a scary looking alien, or add glitter to a beautiful alien.

    Make an Antenna

    Wrap an extra-long pipe cleaner around the headband, about a quarter of the way down to the right, so that it will not move.

    Wrap another similarly colored extra-long pipe cleaner around the headband, about a quarter of the way down to the left, so that it will not move.

    Wrap each pipe cleaner around the pencil so that it makes a corkscrew pattern. You can do this down the entire pipe cleaner if you want curly antenna, or just at the tips.

    Place the antenna headband on your head in normal headband fashion.

    • If your daughter’s hair is pulled into a bun or ponytail, the pipe cleaners might stay tucked in without the need of a headband.
    • You can also let your child wear masks instead of face paint. Just make sure the mask doesn’t obscure his vision. This is especially important if wearing the costume for trick or treating when he might be out on the street.
    • Let your child add other accessories to the costume, such as large sunglasses and capes.
    • Don’t weigh the costume down with too many embellishments. It might make the costume too cumbersome for your child to wear, and might catch on things as he walks by.

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