How to Make 3D Paper Animals

    by Naomi Vogel

    About the Author

    Naomi Vogel started writing professionally in 2009. Vogel has written for "Volume One," "The Leader Telegram," "Spiral Natural Foods" and "The Student Voice." Vogel has a bachelor's degree in journalism and theater from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls. Vogel received the Journalism of Excellence Award from her university in 2010.


    The art of folding three-dimensional paper animals is a form of origami. There are many origami animals that you can make by folding paper, such as foxes, snakes, rabbits, frogs, horses and birds. Origami is an easy, safe and mess-free craft for kids. You can use origami animals as toys, ornaments, or 3D cards. After you make your origami creations, you can draw in faces to make the animals more personalized.

    Things You'll Need

    • Origami paper (or cut any paper into a perfect square)
    • Markers


    Fold the square in half diagonally and then fold it again diagonally and unfold the last fold. Bring both ends of the triangle to meet each other and make a square.

    Diagonally fold in half once again. Fold one whole side of the triangle inwards about 1/2 an inch. Unfold. In the fold you just made, you will see three inner folds. Take the middle one and push it down. This will form the head and the two ears will be the folds you did not push down. Draw in the fox's face with the marker.

    Make a fold at the opposite end to create the tail. The tail will also help the fox become sturdy enough to stand up.


    Fold paper in half diagonally and then unfold it.

    Turn the paper to look like a diamond. Fold the sides in to look like a kite. Fold the sides in again to look like a smaller kite.

    Turn it over and fold the paper multiple times as if creating stairs.

    Choose a side and fold that side down slightly to create a “beak.”

    Fold the point of the beak so that it becomes a snake’s head and draw the eyes in with the marker.


    Fold the paper diagonally in half.

    Unfold and bring both sides to the center to create a kite shape. Fold the top down to create a smaller triangle.

    Fold up half of the top you just folded down.

    Cut a half inch slit into the opposite end and fold entire paper in half.

    Fold up both halves of the cut on opposite sides. These are the bunny ears. Draw in the face. Slightly fold open the bottom of the rabbit so it can stand up sturdily.

    • Use a ruler or straight edge to make sharp, clean folds.
    • Don't continue if your folds end up crooked. Stop and re-fold or the animal may not turn out as expected.