How to Knot a Quilt

    by Karen Ellis

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    Knotting or tying a quilt is one way to hold the three pieces -- quilt top, batting and quilt backing -- together. Knotting a quilt is the easiest method of completing a quilt. Tie the knots on either side of the quilt depending on your design preference, but often the ends of the ties sit on the quilt top. A quilt with thick batting is especially attractive with the tying method because it will give the quilt an overstuffed and fluffy appearance.

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    • Thread, yarn or buttons
    • Safety pins
    • Scissors
    • Measuring tape
    • Needle

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    Choose the thread for knotting your quilt. Options include embroidery thread, yarn or buttons, placed on one or both sides of the quilt.

    Lay out the quilt layers carefully. Place the backing on a flat work surface first with wrong side facing up. Place the batting layer neatly over the backing. Place the quilt top neatly over the batting, right side facing up. Baste the three layers together by taking long basting stitches or pinning it with large safety pins throughout the entire quilt.

    Plan the tying pattern of the quilt, usually at corners in the quilt blocks of the pieced quilt top. Place a small pencil mark at each spot where you will knot the quilt. The ties should be close together and spaced evenly. For instance, if you have 6-inch blocks, you could knot the quilt at every corner between blocks.

    Cut the quilt ties to the same length before you start knotting -- 4 inches would be suitable. Thread the needle -- a needle with a large eye is helpful if you are using a thicker thread. Push your needle down through the three layers of the quilt and then push it back up about 1/4 inch away so that you have the two ends of your thread on the same side. Pull the length of both sides of the thread to make them even and tie a square knot -- right end over left and then left end over right. You can trim the ties when you finish tying them all, if desired.

    • If you are sewing buttons on the quilt, sew them on as you would sew them onto a garment.

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