Knitting on Long Looms to Make Blankets

    by April Khan

    About the Author

    April Khan is a medical journalist who began writing in 2005. She has contributed to publications such as "BBC Focus." In 2012, Khan received her Doctor of Public Health from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. She also holds an Associate of Arts from the Art Institute of Dallas and a Master of Science in international health from University College London.


    Knitting with needles builds a piece from side to side across a row of base stitches, and it can seem like it takes forever to complete a single row on a big project like a blanket. The next time you have a blanket project in mind, consider a knitting loom, which works an entire row at once. While you may have seen a round knitting loom, used to make tube shapes for socks and hats, there are rectangular looms, or long looms, that help you knit flat, square or rectangular panels with little effort.


    A long loom is a type of knitting loom, usually used for square pattern knitting. Long looms come in several sizes. Both small and large long looms are useful in creating items such as scarves, mitts, socks, leg warmers and baby booties. In addition to items of clothing, long rooms are used to knit a variety of household linens such as doilies and small blankets. Long rooms contain pegs that you wrap the yarn around to create loops. The loops are then pulled through one another to create a pattern.

    Blanket Knitting Material

    Materials for regular knitting include yarn, cotton, wool and thread. However, long looms are manufactured for knitting items using yarn. The size and type of yarn used is entirely up to you. The pattern you achieve by using a long loom depends on the technique you use for the knitting and the yarn’s color. Any fiber or weight can be used, but the thicker the yarn, the easier it is to manipulate over the pegs.

    Knitting Blankets

    Although long looms come in a variety of sizes, the smallest ones are small enough to fit in a purse or overnight bag. These long looms are not useful in making large items such as full-sized blankets -- with the exception of quilts. If you're making a quilt, knit each rectangular or square pattern separately, and then stitch them together using knitting needles. Smaller blanket such as pet blankets or baby blankets can be made easily using a small long loom. For knitting larger throws or blankets, purchase a large long loom.


    Some long looms come with a hook and pick tool, eliminating the need to purchase them separately. Do not mistake a rectangular-shaped "circle knitting loom" for a rectangular-shaped "long loom." Although they look similar, a long loom has parallel pegs and a circle loom has continuous pegs all around. A long loom is also called a "knitting board" and can be used to knit both single and double knitting styles.