How to Knit Golf Club Covers

    by Sharon Sweeny

    About the Author

    Sharon Sweeny has a college degree in general studies and worked as an administrative and legal assistant for 20 years before becoming a professional writer in 2008. She specializes in writing about home improvement, self-sufficient lifestyles and gardening.


    Knit golf club covers protect clubs from scratches, quiet rattling bags and are easy to get off and on during play. When you knit them yourself, you can customize their sizes, colors and fiber to suit your clubs and express your individuality. Choose a second high contrast color for your project so you can include an identifying number on each cover to make it easy to know which club is inside. If you don't golf yourself, a set of cozy knit club covers make a special gift for any golfers in your life.

    Things You'll Need

    • Knitting needles sizes 6 and 8
    • 2 ounces yarn in main color
    • 2 ounces yarn in contrasting color
    • Yarn-sewing needle

    Cast on 40 stitches using number-6 needles in the main color.

    Knit two, pearl two across the 40 stitches for five rows.

    Attach the contrasting color to the right side of the work. Knit across the row.

    Knit two, pearl two to the end of next row.

    Drop the contrasting color and attach the main color for the eighth row. Knit two, pearl two across every row until the piece measures 5 inches long.

    Knit two together, pearl two together across the row. You should now have 20 stitches remaining on the needle.

    Knit one, pearl one for three 20-stitch rows.

    Change to size-8 needles. Increase one stitch in every stitch across the next row until you have 40 stitches on the needle again.

    Knit one row, pearl one row, alternating for 5 inches.

    Knit two stitches together across the row until you only have 20 stitches on the needle.

    Pearl the next row.

    Knit two together across the next row. You should now have 10 stitches on the needle.

    Cut the yarn, leaving a 20-inch strand. Thread it through the yarn-sewing needle and draw it through the stitches remaining on the needle.

    Match the edges together and sew the seam.

    Optional: Make a pompom from the contrasting color and sew it to the top of the golf club cover.