Kids' Statue of Liberty Crafts

    by Steven Symes

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    Help your kids make crafts based on the Statue of Liberty, located on Ellis Island in New York. These crafts are perfect projects to create around the Fourth of July holiday or any other time you want to teach your kids about the country. While you make the crafts, make sure to talk to your kids about where the Statue of Liberty came from and what it represents.

    Statue of Liberty Crown

    Have the kids dress like the Statue of Liberty with their very own Statue of Liberty crown and torch. Use paper plates to make the crown, custom fitting the crown to the head of each child. You will need to cut out a half-circle section of one plate so it fits over each kid's head like a headband. Cut out triangular pieces from another paper plate to make the points of the Statue of Liberty's crown. Make sure you use six triangles that are about 4 inches wide at the base and 6 inches tall from tip to base. Measure where to place the triangles so they are evenly placed on the crown. Glue everything together. When the glue is dry, paint it all green.

    Statue of Liberty Torch

    To help complete the look of the Statue of Liberty, make your own homemade torch to go with the crown. Make the torch handle out of an empty paper towel or toilet paper tube. Cut some card stock or poster board to look like the top of the torch, wrap it around the top of the cardboard tube and glue them together. Be sure to paint the torch completely green. Glue some yellow tissue paper into the top of the torch, crumpling it to look like flames. You can use a red marker to create highlights in the tissue paper that will make the fire look more realistic.

    Bottle Statue of Liberty

    Save a plastic soda or water bottle and wash it out. This bottle will be the basis of a miniature Statue of Liberty. After the bottle has completely dried, glue a popsicle stick to the bottle to form the statue's raised arm holding its torch above its head. Glue a pipe cleaner to the other side of the bottle, and bend it in the middle to form the statue's other arm. Stuff a ball of aluminum foil in the top of the bottle to make the head, and cover everything with white issue paper. Create a crown out of construction paper, and glue it to the top of the head. Make the torch out of construction paper as well as the statue's tablet, and glue them into place. Color everything with markers to complete the project.

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