How to Iron Wrinkled Paper

    by Monica Sethi Datta

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    Crumpled paper may seem like a lost cause, but there is hope for restoring it. Paper wrinkles easily, but you need not assume that these wrinkles are permanent. You can iron most wrinkles out of paper, just as you might iron wrinkles out of clothes. Take certain precautions to make sure you don't damage the delicate fibers of the paper with the warm iron.

    Things You'll Need

    • Spray bottle, filled with water
    • Ironing board
    • Pencil (optional)
    • 2 hand towels
    • Iron

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    Sprinkle water lightly with the spray bottle onto the back of the wrinkled paper.

    Place the wrinkled paper onto an ironing board and run your hand over the paper to remove as many wrinkles as possible. You could also hold a pencil horizontally over the paper and move it back and forth.

    Lay one hand towel flat on the ironing board. Place the dampened paper on the towel, front facing up. Place another hand towel over the paper.

    Plug in your iron and turn it on to a low-heat setting.

    Press the iron against the towel using a circular motion. Iron to cover the entire paper. The hot iron will cause the water on the paper to steam and release wrinkles in the paper.

    Check under the towel to see if the paper has smoothed. If the paper remains wrinkled, spray the paper again lightly and raise the heat setting on the iron to medium. Replace the towel and iron over it again in circular motions.

    Remove the paper from between the towels after you finish ironing it.

    Allow the paper to air dry to retain its unwrinkled shape.

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